This is the best time of the year to stock up on your fall/winter wear, especially in January. Many department stores and brands are trying to move out their fall/winter collections in order to bring in their new spring/summer collections. If you have been spending a lot of money lately because there are way too many good deals to pass up (like me), now you know why. My savings account hasn’t been where it needs to be these past 2 months because of these darn sales, and you know I never let a good deal pass me by. I recently scored a dress from a local Austin boutique for $15! Check out the dress on my Intagram, here.

So you ask, how do I find out when all these deals are happening? Well, I subscribe to their email newsletters just to find out when their sales are. It also keeps me up to date so that I can let you guys know about them on my Twitter. I like to subscribe to brands that not very many people know about. I do this because I like to feel like I am wearing something somewhat “exclusive” because not very many people know about them. My favorite brands at the moment are Reformation, RE/DONE, The Arrivals, and Modern Vice. These brands are well known on Instagram but not so much to the masses. The really cool thing about all these 4 brands is that their merchandise are made in USA. Unfortunately, these brands already had their end of season sale back in November and December.

As you know or if you don’t, I am very big on online shopping. I feel that I can score much better deals online. Most importantly, I can browse a greater selection of things from the comfort of my bed. If you are looking for some advice on how to successfully shop online, I’ve written a step by step guide, here.

My inbox has been flooded with sales newsletters. Some stores are even doing sale on top of sale! So, I figured it was time I share this awesome information with you guys! I have picked out some really cool on-sale items that I believe are SWS worthy below, from essentials to trending. The links to these items are in clockwise order. I also went ahead and listed out other really great websites that are have major sales, too.

Happy shopping 🙂 #swsdeals #swsfinds

  1. Naadam Cashmere | Code: WINTER30 (for additional 30% off)
  2. Barney’s New York | Extra 20% off sales
  3. ASOS
  4. Nasty Gal | Extra 30% off sales
  5. Shopbop  | Code: 25LUXE (for additional 25% off)
  6. NET-A-PORTER |Extra 20% off sales
  7. Nasty Gal | Extra 30% off sales
  8. Shopbop  | Code: 25LUXE (for additional 25% off)
  9. Club Monaco | Extra 40% off sales
  10. Stuart Weitzman | 50% off sale
  11. Aritzia (I have this jacket, and it’s a godsend)

Other really great websites with awesome sales ♥:

  1. Topshop
  2. Bloomingdale’s 
  3. & Other Stories
  5. Madewell